Features and Overviews

  • The data is available by category of banks – Public, Private, Co-operative, Foreign & Small Finance Banks (SFBs).
  • Understand & analyse the pattern in market share movements in deposits & credit by category of banks at micro-geographies – districts & centres.
  • Build market penetration approach for products across micro-geographies by deciphering the trends & patterns in market share across deposit/loan products by Public/Private/SFB/Foreign/RRBs banks.
  • Visualise & analyse the current market size & growth of deposits & credit at micro geographies – district & centres. Build product-wise business targets & strategies by     understanding the trends in size of deposit or automobile loans, across districts/centres & the growth in these micro-markets.
  • An analytical double-map presentation of market share & growth in deposits or type of loan to understand the competition & growth potential with precision. A classic twin map view facilitates understanding the regions/centres with intense competition & the up-side growth potential with precision to make informed decisions on resources allocation & expansion in regions/centres.
  •  The metrics and data visualised as maps and charts are presented as ‘Export to Excel’. The datapoints are amenable for further analysis as this is presented in a standardized format.
  • Identify regions & towns that can be focussed for market expansion in terms of more branch network or opportunities for new products in the micro-markets.
  • New markets can be explored after thoroughly understanding the existing dynamics of of deposits & credit in the markets & build informed Go-to-market strategies in new regions/centres.
  • Quick, ready-to-use analytical tabulations on market size, growth & market share. A ready-reckoner for management to get a quick-view of the deposit & credit markets.


We are pleased to inform additional features in GeoCreDe

1. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Equity inflows for Districts
The GoI has released quarterly FDI equity inflows at a district level. GeoCreDe captures the quarterly FDI equity flows data series from 2019-20 onwards along with Geo visualisation of the data. Read More

2. Aspirational Districts
Under the ageis of Niti Aayog, the Aspirational Districts program was launched by GoI. GeoCreDe now provides that banking data as well as the Geo Visualisation for the Aspirational Districts. Close