At a Glance

GeoCrede has the option to run query

Districts and Centres.

Market size & shares
Growth rate
Credit by occupation
Market Share

Districts and Centres.

  • Number of Branches
  • Deposit
  • Credit
  • Average Population per Branch (District Only)
  • Average Credit per Branch
  • Per-capita Deposit (District Only)
  • Credit-Deposit Ratio
  • Current Account and Savings Account Deposit (CASA) (District Only)
  • Credit by Occupation – Major Groups and Sub-Groups (District Only)
  • Index of Banking Concentration by Ownership Type (IBCOT) (District Only)

Map Based Analytics

Banking Trends

GeoCreDe provides users with robust query and map-based analytics to understand the trends in banking data.


access of data

GeoCreDe presents data on Indian banking sector at a very user-friendly level.



GeoCreDe provides users a host of metrics associated with banking.

Map and Query

based analytics

GeoCreDe provides users with robust query and map-based analytics.



Metrics & data-visualised as maps & charts can be Exported to Excel


We are pleased to inform additional features in GeoCreDe

1. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Equity inflows for Districts
The GoI has released quarterly FDI equity inflows at a district level. GeoCreDe captures the quarterly FDI equity flows data series from 2019-20 onwards along with Geo visualisation of the data. Read More

2. Aspirational Districts
Under the ageis of Niti Aayog, the Aspirational Districts program was launched by GoI. GeoCreDe now provides that banking data as well as the Geo Visualisation for the Aspirational Districts. Close